CollegeOPTIONS counselors, Lauren Tingley and Aaron Peterson, met with Lincoln Street middle school students and parents to discuss making the most of their upcoming High School classes.

Lauren provided an activity for students and parents to learn about the a-g college requirements and encouraged them to begin thinking about their future. She also answered questions about local area high schools related to college requirements.

This meeting was made possible through funding provided by Expect More Tehama. “It’s exciting to work with community members to provide information on what is available to our students, and helping them prepare for their future. Knowledge is Power,” said Chris Byrd, Lead Teacher at the school.

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Spring break college trip inspires students

Over spring break a handful of students from Red Bluff High went on the all expenses paid, College Options College Trip. The trip took place on Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20.

The trip allowed the students’ to tour four diverse colleges: UC Davis, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University and Cañada Community College.

Several schools came with the Red Bluff High group including: Los Molinos, Corning, Etna High, Yreka, and Shasta Lake.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for some kids who might not be able to afford to go on a college trip.” said sophomore, Julia Bellon.

When the students first arrived at UC Davis they had lunch at the Segundo dining commons where students enjoyed the “amazing” food.

The tour lead students to see athletic facilities, college dorms, places to eat on campus, and to explore the Davis fitness center.

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How New Student Loan Funds Higher Education

How New Student Loans Fund Higher Education | HULIQ The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 has made provisions which will help college students receive the Federal student loans needed to allow for continuing education. Now, Federal student aid is being made more accessible for millions of college students and their families, making…