Expect More: Read and Reap Challenge Celebration Held at the Library October 15th

Heidi Mendenhall

The Tehama County Library is a gathering place, a learning place, a place to enjoy the printed word and on October 15th it is a place to expect more reading! The Tehama County Library is hosting the celebration of the Expect More Tehama Read and Reap Harvest Challenge.

The reading challenge originated at one of many brainstorming meals that have taken place at the Tremont Café.  How can we challenge ourselves to Expect More through reading? How can we capitalize on local resources to make this experience more meaningful? These are typical questions pondered by community members striving to Expect More from Tehama County. For two Tremont Café goers in August, the answer was simple. Host a reading challenge for parents and children, celebrate the reading rewards at the semi-annual Tehama county book sale and top it off with pumpkins from local growers for parents and children who complete the challenge.

The celebration for the Read and Reap reading challenge has grown to represent all the amazing opportunities reading can afford our children and families. Through reading we obtain connections to our community, understanding of local events and resources and often share experiences with others we may not otherwise have. The essence of Expect More Tehama is built upon the idea that these connections to and within our community can serve to raise the bar for our students.

In true Expect More fashion, the partnership list for this event is extensive to say the least. The celebration is hosted by the Tehama County Library and the semi-annual book sale will be held by the Friends of the Library.  The reading challenge is a partnership between the Backpack Project, SERRF, Expect More Tehama, the Tehama County Libraries and the Community Action Agency.  Local opportunities and information about reading will be brought to you by the Tehama County Reading Council, Expect More Tehama, Girls Inc of Northern Sacramento Valley, Sacred Heart School and SERRF.  Finally, the reading harvest raffle prizes are a symbol of the many local resources we have in our wonderful community.

So please join us  October 15th from 9-11 at the Tehama  County Library  in Red Bluff  where together we can continue to expect more and celebrate the local reading successes of our community.  For more information regarding the Read and Reap celebration email Heidi Mendenhall at For more information regarding the book sale call the Tehama County Library (530) 527-0604.

(Heidi Mendenhall is the California Preschool Instructional Network Region 2 Special Education Lead)