Sowing Seeds of Success

If you follow the faint sound of music in the mornings at Los Molinos High School, it will lead you to a modest greenhouse located behind the school.  Through the doors of this greenhouse you will find sleeves rolled up and hands busy at work, preparing for the annual FFA Plant Sale.  Each day the radio serenades these young horticulturalists as they sow, transplant and propagate their way through the class period.   At first glance the simple greenhouse can be quickly overlooked, however through the door months of preparation are evident.

The Los Molinos High School FFA will hold its annual Plant Sale on Wednesday and Thursday, May 4th and 5th from 1-5pm. The sale will be held behind the school, in the Ornamental Horticulture Unit, located through the second gated entrance of the school.  Plant Sale specials include Hybrid Bearded Iris, spring vegetables and colorful bedding plants.  The plant sale has been solely organized by students in the Plant Science and Agriculture Science classes, as well as the students on the Nursery Landscape Team.

Students enrolled in the Plant Science and Floral Design classes at Los Molinos are given the unique opportunity for hands on learning, while also receiving college credit.  In partnership with Shasta College, LMHS promotes Career Technical Education (CTE) through dual enrollment/concurrent courses.  This dual enrollment program facilitates the articulation of students into college CTE programs and enhances student academic rigor at the high school level.  These classes provide rigorous content, aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge needed to prepare for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.

“I’m eager to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture, from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo next fall,” says senior Francis Ocampo.  “My agriculture classes have given me the skills and the opportunity to find a career goal that I am passionate about and helped me to earn scholarships to make that goal possible.”  Francis is among the over one hundred agriculture students at LMHS who actively participate in the leadership activities available in the Agriculture Department, through the FFA.

FFA students are given the opportunity to travel, compete in career development events and practice their public speaking skills.  This year the LMHS Nursery Landscape and Floral Design Teams are ranked in the top five in the state of California.  At the Chico State FFA Field Day in March, the Floral Design team earned 3rd place, ranking among FFA programs such as Galt and Lodi High Schools; whose combined attendance is nearly eight times the size of LMHS.  The Nursery Landscape Team earned 5th place, ranking among powerhouse central valley schools such as Hanford, Atwater and Clovis.  On May 7th each of these teams will compete in the FFA State Finals, hosted by Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Through the eyes of a horticulturalist, Los Molinos High School can fondly be compared to a seed.  Both are small, neatly packaged, distinctly different, with the marvelous potential to produce great things.


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