About Us

In the Fall of 2009, a small group met at Starbucks to discuss how to spend precious dollars on education in Tehama County. Should it go to SERRF? The Mentoring Program? Preschools? Were there programs we weren’t aware of? Were there gaps that could be filled?

The small group grew and the scope of the conversation broadened from education to the needs of the community, of economic development, of positioning ourselves for future opportunities, of increasing our regional skills base and more. We realized that by partnering with stakeholders, we could leverage existing resources and programs and begin to fill in the gaps. Expect More Tehama was born.

A community collaboration to transform Tehama County by championing higher expectations for higher education and career readiness.

Overall, rural areas have a lower percentage of residents with higher education. Northern California is no exception. From an economic development standpoint, the region needs to raise the skills of the workforce to compete for good companies and to retain our higher skilled. Increasingly the fastest growing, high wage jobs require postsecondary education. Now more than ever, we need all students prepared.

Expect More Tehama also realizes that college is not for everyone. For some it might be a four year degree, but for others a two year degree, the military, a certificate program, apprenticeship or classes as they learn on the job. What if all students were rich in facts, information, support and mentors? Would more take part in one of these options? The need for higher skills is not limited to high school students. Our adult learners have options and must be encouraged to continue learning new skills.

Expect More Tehama is not an education issue. It is a community issue. It is a discussion about expectations and intentions and encourages a culture shift.

In May 2010, over 100 stakeholders met at a Summit to tackle the question: What can we do or put in place that will start to raise expectations and support youth in continuing their education and skills beyond high school? What can business, education, service clubs, coaches, counselors, students, government, non-profits, parents, grandparents, school board members and individuals do? What suggestions did one group have for another? The room was electric and positive. The ideas were proactive and numerous.

Based on the outcomes of the first Summit, and several since, Expect More Tehama begins its third year amazed at the progress, relationships and passion that surround this movement.

What does Expect More Tehama expect?

Through this movement we have Expect More resources, facts, civic engagement, options, opportunities, and a brighter future.

Movement Goals:

  • All Students in Tehama County graduate from high school.
  • All Students have access to and are prepared for higher education / college, if they so choose.
  • All Students have access to pathways sustainable for jobs and careers.
  • All stakeholder groups take responsibility to promote the Expect More Message and expectation.
  • Tehama County residents know where to find resources to increase their skills.
  • Tehama County students read at grade level by the third grade.

Expect More Tehama is about continuous improvement in an environment not stuck on the past, and not willing to lay blame, justify or pass responsibility but instead seek solutions and reasons to support and celebrate.

Will you please join us in spreading the word that we “EXPECT MORE” here in Tehama County?