College Prep and Career Readiness

There is a role for college preparation and career readiness at every age level and grade. With poverty in Tehama County at over 20% and unemployment steady at 14-16%, one in five residents is facing hard times. Many of our residents have not attended higher education and it is unknown and sometimes difficult for them to figure out the system. Expect More Tehama seeks to ensure our residents, educators and students have the resources they need to take this step.


  • Create a college going culture in our community, with an emphasis on sustainability.
  • Championing higher expectations (hope) for our students
  • Educate students, parents and teachers on the importance of A-G coursework (classes needed in high school.)
  • Develop elementary and middle school culture and opportunity for higher education awareness and readiness.

Examples of Supportive Activities

  • 8th Grade T-Shirt Project
  • 8th Grade Leadership Conference
  • 8th Grade A-G Workshops
  • College Campus Visits
  • Parent Education Workshops
  • Road Trip Nation
  • Guest/Keynote Speakers
  • High School Development Workshops
  • New Mentors
  • Scholarships
  • Senior Transition Event
  • Juvenile Hall Workshops

Measurable Outcomes

  • 1. College GO Rate
  • 2. High school Drop Out Rate