Tehama READS! Launched this week…..grade 3 is critical!

Looking at current levels of reading proficiency in Tehama County, only 42% of students are reading at grade level.  Studies show that 74% of those who do not read at grade level by third grade will never catch up.

In addition, these students:

  • Statistically will have lower self esteem
  • Are likely to have poor school attendance
  • Typically have behavior problems
  • Are at risk for dropout
  • Struggle in the workplace
  • Become involved in the justice system.

In response to these sobering statistics, and realizing that improving early literacy is an urgent need in our county, Expect More Tehama+ is launching Tehama READS!, Tehama County’s “Readers by Third Grade” Campaign.

This ten-year initiative is a collaborative effort, by multiple stakeholders across the county; from the individual efforts of the mayors of our cities to the parents of students served.

Tehama READS! Will help to ensure that all children in Tehama County can read at grade level by the end of third grade.